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Intriguing Topics for Writing from a Sociological Perspective

We have made it a habit to share a Writer’s Update for our readers and guest contributors that includes ideas for topics we are looking to publish on as well as tips for internet writing more generally. With this update, we are excited to share some intriguing topics and ideas for writing from a sociological perspective with you all!

Intriguing Topics

At Applied Worldwide, we are adamant on using search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the content we produce is making its way to the top of Google search results. With a mission to enhance a vision of applied sociology, our tactic to infiltrate the digital discourse on sociology requires a keen focus on SEO. While we always ensure our guest contributor content is optimized for search engines, we cannot always guarantee that the topics they choose to write on will be a frequently searched topic.

With that said, if the topic is important, but not well-searched, we will still sway toward publishing on it. However, we also know the biggest impact we can make as far as changing the digital narrative on the usefulness of sociology will come from publishing content on more highly searched topics. Therefore, we have compiled a list of topics below that, with the help of AI technology and our own keyword research, we know are being searched for regularly and are not yet well-covered in the online discourse.

  • What is collectivist culture?
  • Example of Folk Culture
  • Culture of Tattooing
  • Cultural Relativity Definition Sociology
  • Journals of Sociology
  • Social Constructionist Theory
  • Social Solidarity Definition
  • What is Labeling Theory
  • Charles Tilly
  • Gender vs Sexuality
  • Health and Technology
  • Max Weber Theories
  • Social Psychology Definitions
  • What is an Organizational Culture
  • Gender Expression
  • Definition of Sociology
  • Popular Culture
  • Inter-group Conflict

Because these keywords are well-searched yet not-well covered via online content, they provide the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the digital content world. Addressing these topics by writing from a sociological perspective also helps us meet our mission of enhancing a vision of applied sociology.

Current Trends

In addition to timeless SEO keywords like “Social Construction Theory” that people will be searching for long-term, writing on current events and trends, while they are still current, is another great tactic for bringing more readers to your sociological writing. Below, we have compiled a short list of keywords related to current events that have been trending on Google in the last month and are predicted to continue their up-trend for the month(s) ahead.

  • Protests in Iran
  • Railroad strike
  • FIFA corruption
  • Gender affirming care

By contributing sociological knowledge on these topics, you can help us ensure that evidence from social science is informing the discourse on these topics. As always, we are excited to read your submissions and hope you find that the topics and current trends we have listed inspire you to continue writing from a sociological perspective!

If you are interested in submitting your work, you can do so through our submission portal. If you have questions about the submission process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at