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Teaching Sociology & Sociology in Industry

I know it has been quite some time since the last writer’s update, so I wanted to check in and give a couple of tips on content we are currently seeking at Applied Worldwide, mainly articles on teaching sociology and sociology in industry. For anyone new to our website, our Writer’s Update is our way of sharing writing ideas with our guest contributors and potential contributors.

Teaching Sociology

The first content area I would like to address is teaching content. Our vision of applied sociology begins in the classroom. In order for any of us to grow into professional applied sociologists, we need to have positive learning experiences in the sociology classroom that encourage application.

I know I had positive experiences in my sociology classes. Sometimes it was because an instructor provided relatable course assignments. Some instructors developed community-based projects. Still others made the courses engaging by incorporating internet and social media into the course.

Traditional teaching and learning environments are changing and we want to highlight, publish, and promote outstanding examples of sociology classes, instructors, and students whose work demonstrates a commitment to educating the next generation of professional applied sociologists.

Sociology in Industry

The second content area I would like to address is sociology in industry. We are always interested in publishing demonstrations of sociology in various industries. As a couple of examples, the healthcare industry, the technology industry, or educational services industry.

Obviously, healthcare is changing. COVID-19 and its variants have likely permanently changed how services will be provided. Topics such as vaccinations and telehealth services will remain points of discussion for years to come. We are interested in sociological analyses of these topics and more of the healthcare industry.

Technology is such a major topic in our modern world. Privacy remains a major concern as large companies continue collecting our data. The impact of increased internet and social media consumption is still debated. And tech companies seem to be open to hiring those of us with sociology education, so there are a lot of reasons to write about sociology and technology.

Sociology is vital in the Technology Industry; Teaching Sociology & Sociology in Industry

Examples of Sociology in Industry

Here are a few samples of articles written about sociology and technology at Applied Worldwide:

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Finally, the educational services industry appears to be in a period of change. A lot has changed since I took part in university diversity training. It seems to me that some real positive changes are occurring in terms of quality programmatic changes that universities are making in relation to diversity.

Unfortunately, this change is a result of some pretty bad policies and practices, some of which our educational institutions are still following. For these reasons, we would love for contributors to explore and write about diversity policies in our educational services industry.

Final Thoughts on Teaching Sociology and Sociology in Industry

Sociology content from industries and content related to teaching sociology are both quite valuable to other sociologists that are looking for career advice or teaching advice.

If you have a piece of writing you would like to submit for publication at Applied Worldwide, you can find our author guidelines and instructions on our contributor submission portal.

Profiles of Applied and Clinical Sociologists

If you are interested in learning about the real life experiences and advice from sociologists working in different industries, head over to our Profiles in Applied and Clinical Sociology Project. In this project we interview a wide variety of sociologists to learn how they apply their skills and knowledge. Also, we ask them their advice for students looking for a similar career path!

Applied Worldwide Writer's Update; Teaching Sociology & Sociology in Industry
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