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Our Educational Philosophy for Teaching Practical Skills

Applied Worldwide co-founder Luke Hanna leads our educational consulting program. He earned his MA in Applied Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado and a graduate certificate in Applied Anthropology from Purdue University. Luke has been conducting pedagogical research, developing curriculum, and teaching sociology since 2015. This article outlines our educational philosophy based on those experiences and more!

Luke Hanna on Our Educational Philosophy for Teaching Practical Skills

Student Centered Approach

At Applied Worldwide we believe that sociology should be taught through a lens that allows students to apply sociological knowledge to their own careers, communities, and personal lives!  We aim to assist instructors and department leadership in implementing classroom experiences that equip students with sociology-related skills and knowledge, without overburdening faculty and students.

Applied Worldwide develops and helps customize syllabi, curriculum, and academic programs. Through our strategy of using modern technology, community-based projects, and public sociology, we believe the best teaching and learning experiences occur when students are able to apply knowledge to their own lives. Sociology is valuable to people’s careers and communities!

Applied Worldwide’s Educational Philosophy Services

Sociology is changing! There is going to continue to be a demand from sociology students for practical skills and experiences. We understand there can be challenges in changing and adapting teaching programs and practices, BUT we are here to help!! Let us use our knowledge, networks, and internet platforms to give your sociology students experiences they will remember and value for a lifetime. Contact us at to get started.

The following is a short list of articles that demonstrate our educational philosophy and results from our projects: