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Colorado Mesa University Sociology Students on Twitter

Explore the #SocRoots2021 Twitter campaign led by Colorado Mesa University sociology students on Twitter!

Colorado Mesa University is located in Grand Junction, Colorado in the United States. Referred to locally as CMU, the university has few sociology faculty but these professors are creating innovative courses that provide students with a breadth of practical knowledge and skills. We have met with all of the sociology professors and their courses often focus on community-based projects, public sociology, and activism. Colorado Mesa University’s program has Applied Worldwide’s full endorsement.

Colorado Mesa University Students

During the Fall Semester of 2021 Applied Worldwide had the honor of working with Dr. Brenda Wilhelm and her “Roots of Sociological Thought” students. Based on pedagogy developed by Applied Worldwide, Dr. Wilhelm’s students have created a Twitter campaign demonstrating the current relevance of classic sociological theories.

Their class hashtag #SocRoots2021 is full of content featuring social theorists like Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, George Herbert Mead, W.E.B. Du Bois, and more! In the course, students had the opportunity to read classical sociology theories and then apply those theories to events or stories in current discourse.

By using Twitter in the class, Dr. Wilhelm’s students were able to easily browse discourse of their interest and apply the theories to their own hobbies, passions, or career aspirations. It is a difficult skill to learn complex classical theories, apply those theories to contemporary society, and concisely communicate that connection via social media. Dr. Wilhelm’s students managed the task splendidly, so be sure to check out their work and stay tuned for future collaborations.

Teaching on Twitter

Using Twitter in the sociology classroom has multiple benefits! Applied Worldwide manages the Twitter handle @SociologyTheory, explicitly for content created by and for sociology students. You can read a full narrative of our use of the account in our two-part article titled The Story of @SociologyTheory: Part 1 and The Story of @SociologyTheory: Part 2. We use this account for students to explore the educational value of social media in a relatively controlled environment.

With over 20,000 followers interested in sociology content @SociologyTheory is an ideal social media platform for students to develop professional skills and apply sociology knowledge to their own lives. Contact us at if you would like to incorporate our social media platforms in your sociology or social science syllabus or curriculum.

Student Tweets

#SocRoots2021 Colorado Mesa University sociology Students on Twitter
#SocRoots2021 Colorado Mesa University Student Tweet
#SocRoots2021 Colorado Mesa University Student Tweet
#SocRoots2021Colorado Mesa University Student Tweet
#SocRoots2021 Colorado Mesa University Student Tweet