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Writing about the Sociology of Work for Internet Spaces

In this edition of our Writer’s Update, we will address the topic of writing about the sociology of work for internet spaces. There are so many people around the world looking for advice and guidance about the usefulness of sociology. A majority of these people are particularly interested in using sociology in their careers. This is the professional way of saying, “How can I make money with a sociology degree?” This brings us to the sociology of work.

Applied Sociology and Work

“Work” and “working” are closely tied to “making money” and “providing for oneself.” As sociologists, we understand that ‘work’ and ‘labor’ or more complex concepts. For example, many people–mostly from vulnerable communities–are exploited for their unpaid labor. Parenting, not-for-profit work, and civic jobs are all examples of unpaid work. At Applied Worldwide we approach sociology and work from two different angles, focusing on how sociology students can find paid work:

Sociology in Work

First, we have a section of our website dedicated to occupational experiences. You may think of these articles as examples of sociology in work. Our intended purpose of this page is to present examples of sociology in different occupations. We are looking for a wide range of occupational experiences. Whether we are working a part-time job for extra cash or have worked in the same environment for 30 years, there is always room for reflection and sociological application.

Perhaps you have an unofficial sociological analysis of your workplace? Perhaps you have a specific workplace experience that exemplifies a sociological concept? Nonetheless, we would like a diverse representation of experiential articles where authors freely reflect on their own occupational experiences through a sociological perspective.

Sociology of Work

Second, we have a section called Sociology in Industry. You can think of this section as the sociology of work. On this section of our website, we are looking to publish articles that demonstrate how sociology students can specifically prepare to find work as a sociologist.

Think about breaking down an industry and using that analysis to discuss where a sociologist might work in the industry. One article that really demonstrates what we are going for is Iga Kozlowska’s writing called, Sociologists, The Tech Industry Needs You! In this piece she covers some of the top roles that people with sociology degrees can fill in the tech industry and some of the most coveted skills. We would like to expand and represent different industries!

Conclusions on Writing about the Sociology of Work for the Internet

In summation, people are interested in how their sociology education can help them make money. For some of us our degrees have led us to occupations where we may not be called a ‘sociologist’ in our day-to-day roles, but these experiences can still provide valuable insight. For others, we may work in positions where we are actually referred to as sociologist or at least our education is more formally recognized in our positions, and for those fortunate to be in those situations, your insight is incredibly valuable to those who may wish to follow your path.