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Backlinks, Learning Management Systems, and Social Media

In this edition of our Writer’s Update we will talk about backlinks, learning management systems and social media. We want to address these topics briefly with our readers and writers because these are all important ways to reach a wider audience with our brand mission, and the content that has been written by many of you.

As you likely know, our broad mission as a brand is to enhance a vision of applied sociology. To execute that mission, we utilize Search Engine Optimization techniques to produce content on our website to ensure applied sociology content is accessible to folks searching for information on sociology. We know that sociology is an incredibly versatile and applicable discipline that supports development of important skills for students. By producing content that not only reiterates this idea in various ways but also ranks highly on search engines like Google, we are able to shift the narrative of sociology in a positive and fruitful direction!

All that said, backlinks are one way to support a website’s rank on Google, and this Writer’s Update will dive into why backlinks matter and how you can use them to support Applied Worldwide’s mission!

Why Backlinks are important

Backlinks hold a ton of power on the internet. Different organizations have different ways of measuring a webpage’s search engine authority, such as Google’s “Average Ranking Score.” After running our own websites for several years and providing web design and online marketing consulting services to clients, we have noticed that many of these measurements depend heavily upon backlinks. In short, having more or higher quality backlinks is the quickest way to rank high on Google.

So what does this mean? The best and easiest way to support Applied Worldwide’s mission is by linking our content across the internet! Here are a few ideas:

Add links to our content to your Learning Management Systems

Everyone who is teaching at a college or university probably uses a Learning Management System like Canvas or D2L. What you may not know is that when you add links to your LMS it performs as a backlink and helps websites rank better on search engines. So, it really helps us if you add links to our website on your LMS when sharing our content with students.

Add backlinks to our content on your website

This might be a bit more obvious but if anyone has their own website, it helps us out a great deal if you link to our content. Simply add a link to any of our articles and it will count as a backlink and consequently benefit the search engine position of that webpage. If you would like to exchange backlinks please reach out to us at

Add links to our content in your social media posts

It always benefits us if you share our content on your social media. Of course sharing our content on social media will help spread the word about our brand, but in some cases doing so can also count toward backlinks. At the very least it helps increase our chances of gaining backlinks. So, it does not really matter which social media platforms you are using, please share our content! On a side note, LinkedIn has become a really popular and beneficial social media platform, so give us follow and share our content on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Backlinks

There are tons of important elements to running a successful website. In this world we talk a lot about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. There are thousands of blogs across the internet with tips on how to optimize your website so that it is more successful gaining organic traffic from search engines.

Having good quality content and doing keyword research are two ways to actively improve search engine ranking. However, in our opinion backlinks are just as important and maybe even more important in terms of improving a website’s search engine visibility. 

It is not quite a perfect science where the webpage with the most backlinks shows up the most frequently in search results. But, when you add Applied Worldwide backlinks to websites on your LMS, your own website, or via social media posts, it is really helping to support our mission to enhance a vision of applied sociology, world wide!