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TOP 10 Applied Worldwide Articles from 2022

We are currently reviewing all of our year end data and one of the fun parts of the analysis is reviewing the most read articles from the previous year. Our analysis is based on the total number of pageviews for each article. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Applied Worldwide Articles from 2022, counting down from number ten.

10. Definition of Alienation: What is alienation in sociology?

This article on alienation was written by Applied Worldwide co-founder Luke Hanna. We originally decided to write an article describing the meaning of alienation in sociology after noticing a demand in search traffic on this topic. People regularly use Google to find out what alienation means in sociology, making this article on alienation Applied Worldwide’s 10th most viewed article in 2022.

9. Best Sociology Jobs in Nigeria: Careers for Sociologists

This article on sociology jobs in Nigeria was written by one of our Nigerian contributors, Muib Shefiu. We really wanted to publish an article about sociology jobs in Nigeria because we noticed many of our young Nigerian writers were interested in sociology but unsure of the career they could pursue with the degree. Muib has done an outstanding job answering those questions, making this article Applied Worldwide’s 9th most read article from 2022.

8. The Traditional Yoruba Wedding Experience

There are a lot of internet users interested in Yoruba culture, particularly weddings and wedding attire. Nigerian writer, Bilqis Omolayomi Oseni, wrote this article describing her first hand experience at a traditional Yoruba wedding. She includes her experience and original photographs from her sister’s wedding. This incredible article comes in 8th on the list of Applied Worldwide’s top articles of 2022. You may also be interested in checking out Applied Worldwide Nigeria, one of the fastest growing Nigerian Lifestyle Blogs!

7. The Sociological Imagination of Unemployment

Yet another Nigerian writer falls on Applied Worldwide’s top 10 list of most read articles in 2022. In this article Ismail Hassan has done a really nice job pairing two highly searched terms: “sociological imagination” and “unemployment.” The combination of excellent search terms and great writing lands this article number 7 on Applied Worldwide’s most read articles of 2022.

6. Sociologists, The Tech Industry Needs You!

This is an article written by Dr. Iga Kozlowska an applied sociologist working in the technology industry. In this article, Dr. Kozlowska describes how sociologists can contribute to the industry. I do not know how tech layoffs have impacted sociologists in the industry, but at least in 2022 this was a popular enough topic to land this article 6th place on Applied Worldwide’s list of the ten most read articles of 2022.

5. Raja Ram Mohan Roy as a Pioneer of Indian Liberalism

This is the first of three articles from our Indian Philosophy and Society blog series written by Adhrish Chakraborty. In this article he writes about the pioneer of Indian liberalism in an article that lands as number 5 on Applied Worldwide’s list of most read articles in 2022.

4. What is Aurobindo’s Theory of Spiritual Nationalism?

Number four on Applied Worldwide’s list of top 10 articles from 2022 was also written by Adhrish Chakraborty and discusses Aurobindo’s theory of spiritual nationalism. This article is also from our blog series on Indian Philosophy and Society and gets a lot of organic traffic from Google, which means many people are interested in the topic.

3. What is the Social Construction of Health and Illness?

The 3rd most read article on our list has a unique story. This article was originally written by co-founder Dr. Stephanie Wilson as a master’s student. She wrote the article during her time University of Northern Colorado after given a prompt by her professor to write on the social construction of health for a public audience. She later converted the work for Applied Worldwide and it was a successful conversion as it made number three Applied Worldwide’s top 10 most viewed articles of 2022.

2. Preventing Domestic Violence through Sociological Theories

The second place article was written by another Nigerian author, Timothy Ojewuyi Blessing. While written by a Nigerian author, this article is viewed by readers across the world. As with the other articles on this list, Timothy’s article uses popular search terms and covers an important topic. Preventing Domestic Violence through Sociological Theories was our second most popular article of 2022.

1. Gandhi on Swaraj: What is Gandhi’s Concept of Swaraj?

Finally, we present Applied Worldwide’s most viewed article of 2022. Congratulations to Adhrish Chakraborty for producing such a popular blog series! His series on Indian Philosophy and Society has become wildly popular by addressing the philosophies of famous Indian thinkers and applying those ideas to modern Indian society.

Final Thoughts on the Applied Worldwide Top articles of 2022

Once again, the articles listed above are Applied Worldwide’s top 10 most viewed articles of 2022. Congratulations to all of the writers that contributed their work to Applied Worldwide! We have such an amazing and ever-growing collection of content and it is all thanks to our wonderful and talented contributors. Considering we are a worldwide brand, we are happy to see some of our top articles are written by authors from a wide range of countries.

Be sure to support these writers and others by reading the content listed above, as well as all of the new content coming out each week. If you are interested in contributing to Applied Worldwide you can learn more in our submission portal. Follow along by subscribing to our email list to get all the latest updates straight to your inbox!

Luke Hanna

Luke is Applied Worldwide’s co-founder and CEO. He received his M.A. degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado and conducts community-based research, writing about topics such as Islamophobia, urbanism, and racial inequality. Luke is a veteran of the US Navy and has over six years of experience teaching sociology at the college level, during which he has developed innovative teaching methods incorporating the use of social media in the sociology classroom.