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Ideas for SEO Writing: Sociology, Holidays, and Industry

We love receiving publication submissions from guest contributors. If you would like to contribute to our website there are a couple of ideas for SEO writing. SEO writing is internet content that is optimized for search engines and we have provided several resources for assisting writers. First, simply browse our site, we have a useful search bar in the header of the site that can make browsing the site easy. Second, check out our other Writers Updates, we often alert writers to the type of content we are interested in publishing. You may also check out our article titled, “Public Sociology Assignment: Blog Writing Best Practices.”

Finally, we have a detailed list of writing suggestions on our submission portal, following these guidelines will help with getting your content published at Applied Worldwide. Please explore the rest of this article to learn about current topics we are interested in publishing articles about.

Ideas for SEO Writing: Holidays

We have published several articles to the Applying Sociology to Holidays page on our website. If you look through our publications on this page, they tend to be fun, easily-consumable, and analytical. This really makes for great content for instructors to assign around holidays. It also makes for content that people are willing to share on social media. For these reasons, we would like to continue calling for writing ideas involving a sociological analysis of holidays around the world! We will of course want to continue covering the major holidays, but we would also like to diversify the holidays represented on our website.

Writing about Sociology and Industry

This is an area on our website that we are looking to expand. We constantly get questions like, “How do I get a job with my degree in sociology?” We can offer general mentorship and professional advice, but on our industry page we want to present readers with some specifics. If you visit the page, we have articles about sociology in journalism, healthcare, technology, childhood development, business, and city planning. If anyone has experience, expertise, or advice about how people with sociology degrees can become employed in these industries or others, we want to continue publishing in this space.

Ideas for SEO Writing: Teaching

The teaching section of our website needs more content. These articles are primarily aimed at teachers and those training to teach. The purpose of our Teach Socially section of the site is to provide stories and other resources that can help teachers nurture students who will go on to apply their knowledge for social change. We want to hear stories of community-engaged teaching and learning, uses of social media in teaching, or other philosophies and techniques.

Writing about Subfields in Sociology

As we are all aware, sociology has a wide variety of sections, sub-areas, or what we refer to as subfields. As an example, on our current “subfields” page we include articles related to culture, gender, medicine, and the economy. We want these articles to include not only an educational description of the subfield, but also how knowledge from these areas can be applied. Some areas in which we would currently be interested in publishing include:

  • Urban sociology: Particularly the connection between urban sociology and city planning, community development, and/or equitable spaces.
  • Rural sociology: Particularly in the African or Nigerian context. We have received several inquiries from students in Nigeria looking for information on how they might use their education in rural sociology to find employment and improve their communities.
  • Crime, law and deviance: In addition to a brief overview of this subfield, we would particularly be interested in how and where the sociology of crime can be applied to improve the well-being of society. There are obviously global applications of this subfield, so articles from various countries are encouraged.
  • Sexuality: Particularly cases where sociology can and should be applied to improve the quality of life for those with sexual identities who are excluded or marginalized within social institutions.
  • Race and ethnicity: The meaning of the terms race and ethnicity vary depending on global location of the author, so we would be interested in publishing articles describing and applying sociology of race to the social circumstances and opportunities from the author’s locale.

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