Applied Worldwide Writer's Update

Informative Writing at Applied Worldwide: Writers Update

At Applied Worldwide our Writer’s Update is our way of providing our contributors—both current and aspiring—with up-to-date knowledge on what we are looking to publish. In this edition of our Writer’s Update I address “informative writing.”

What is Informative Writing?

At Applied Worldwide, informative writing is when we communicate complex ideas via a simplified written form. Informative content should be aimed at a general audience.

In other words, informative writing is when we take one topic or concept and provide all the information necessary for another person to fully understand the concept. Think of it like providing readers with the who, what, where, when, why, and how. In certain cases it may even be appropriate to format an informative article according to the 5 W’s approach.

Examples of Informative Writing

We have two good examples of informative writing from our website to share as examples. Both of these pages receive regular website traffic, with most of it being organic, or via search engines. 

The first article is Definition of Alienation: What is alienation in sociology?. In this article we provide readers with the sociological definition of alienation up front and then give plenty of examples and other relevant information throughout the article.

The second example is our article, What is the Social Construction of Health and Illness? Once again, in this example we define the social construction of health up front and then provide readers with further examples and context.

Writing for Applied Worldwide

Informative writing is valuable to Applied Worldwide for various reasons. First and foremost, people are looking for ‘information’ on the internet, so this type of writing is likely to be viewed more frequently.

At Applied Worldwide, we have long taken pride in the fact that our content demonstrates real human experience. So, although we are looking for informative writing, we encourage the writing to come from some personal experience. Maybe the examples come from your life or interests. Or, maybe your examples are specific to the context of a country or community. 

Whatever the case, Applied Worldwide is looking to publish informative articles with some element of experiential writing woven into the content.

Writing Topics of Interest to Applied Worldwide

Applied Worldwide is interested in publishing informative articles on a wide range of sociological topics. You may use the list below as a guide as to the subject matter we are looking for, but make sure the topic falls within your experience or expertise. Doing so will make the article more valuable for everyone!

  • Cultural Capital
  • Social Capital
  • Positivism in Sociology
  • Psychology vs Sociology
  • Global Sociology
  • Ethnography
  • Anomie
  • Bureaucracy
  • Conflict Theory
  • Social Institutions
  • Power Elite
  • Sociological Imagination
  • Sociological Theory

Final Thoughts on Informative Writing for Applied Worldwide

We are currently looking for articles that simply inform the average internet reader about a certain topic or concept relevant to sociology. All of the suggested topics above are sociological and will contribute greatly to our website and to the overall sociological discourse on the internet. For more information on informative writing check out this blog titled, What is Informative Writing?

For more information on writing for Applied Worldwide please visit our submission portal, or email us at