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Sociologists for Women in Society and Applied Worldwide

Applied Worldwide and Sociologists for Women in Society Partnership

Applied Worldwide has forged a partnership with Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) to highlight and connect feminist applied professionals. SWS members have been invited to submit Applied Worldwide profiles that are also linked to the SWS website and feminist applied professionals are encouraged to join SWS. If you would like to submit a profile on your applied sociological work, please fill out the interview form linked here!

Benefits of Joining SWS

SWS is a non-profit, professional organization with a fabulous and supportive community of scholars. SWS welcomes ALL feminist sociologists, whereever they choose to do their work. As part of an initiative to build resources for members doing applied and clinical work, the organization is creating programming and mentoring specifically for those interested in and currently doing applied work. With that initiative has come a new online resource for Applied Sociology.

As a member of SWS, you can engage across the year with webinars, affinity group meetings (e.g. parent support group, applied professionals), listservs and virtual committee gatherings. The active listserv welcomes the sharing of resources, publications and other work announcements, job postings, professional advice, and more! You also have access to Gender and Society, a top tier peer-reviewed journal, and other SWS publications.

How to get Involved with SWS

SWS typically hosts two in-person meetings per year: one meeting in August that coincides with the meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA), and the “Winter Meeting” typically held in late January or early February that includes both scholarly venues, workshops, and opportunities for self care, connecting, and organizational work. These meetings are much valued time for connecting with diverse friends and colleagues committed to anti-racist feminist social action, applied work, and scholarship. SWS provides modest financial resources to offset the cost of travel to the Winter Meetings.

To learn more about becoming a member of SWS, you can visit the website at

Profiles of Sociologists for Women in Society Members