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What is Sociology, and Why is it Important to Society?

Editorial Note:

This article on what is sociology and why is it important is being published on behalf of Applied Worldwide’s 2021 student essay competition. Students were prompted to respond to the question, “Why is sociology important?” We have awarded 17 finalists from all over the world, and we published these essays over the course of a few weeks.

This essay was written by Nidhi Yadav, a student at Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University in India. This essay received a third place award. We had a really great turnout and would like to thank everyone who submitted an essay. We received a wide variety of creative interpretations and responses, so browse our essay directory!

Nidhi Yadav – What is Sociology?

To raise the question why is sociology important, we should first be aware of what sociology is. Sociology in my view is the study of society, social thoughts, ideas, relationship and institutions. Sociology as a subject is diverse which ranges from beliefs of common culture to divisions of race. Sociology is important to understand how human action, thoughts, and behaviour shape society and also how all these are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures.

My Experience Learning “What is Sociology?”

I heard the term sociology when I was watching an interview on YouTube and from there I was interested in this term and then searched about it. It was the time after my 12th, so I decided to take sociology as my General Elective subject. Now, I have been studying sociology as my General Elective subject for the last three semesters and still continuing with the subject as sociology is an exciting, interesting and illuminative field of study that analyses important matters of our day to day life, our communities and all about the practical and social norms.

It helps to find out the social causes. It examines matters such as poverty, gender roles, violence, institutions, inequality, social movements and many more. In my opinion, studying sociology enhances our ability to be active and informed citizens who are able to influence societal choices and policies. Sociology is unique in its recognition. It is not only that society shapes us but also that we shape our society.

Why is Sociology Important?

Sociology is important as we can bring reforms in the society from the grassroot level. It is a study which helps in developing a sense of autonomy and self-confidence and acting individually and collectively to change social relationships and the institutions. It is the platform of accessing opportunities and resources in order to make personal choices such as choosing what to wear and where to go.

Sociology brings the ideal of an equal society which implies addressing the various disparities inherited by society and bringing various groups, classes and divisions to a common level in terms of education, health, opportunities, rights and security among other criteria. Studying sociology helps to assist marginalized people to create their own non-profit organization, using the rationale that only the marginalized people know what they need the most.

Sociology gives us an understanding based on valid and systematic ways of how societies work and how we play our daily role in that. It also helps us to observe the society deeply which an individual does not observe normally. Studying sociology helps to informally educate and mobilize the fellow citizens and formally we can be valuable contributors to organizations dedicated to doing so. Sociology is the best for one to approach all the social sciences and therefore it is a key study for the present situation.

According to Beach, sociology has a strong appeal to all the types of minds through its direct bearing upon many of the critical problems of the present world. Giddings has also suggested that just as economics tells up how to get the things we want to have, sociology tells us how to become what we want to be.

Why is Sociology Important to Society?

Sociology is a part of the scientific study of society. Society has its own problems in many fields, though sociology gives us the solution to those problems. For understanding the society, sociology is indispensable. It provides a great deal of information that is helpful in making decisions on social policy. If the society is to develop then the study of society is a must for politicians, administrators, social reformers, students and teachers. The practical aspect of sociology is of great importance in the study of social problems. Sociology has analysed the causes of the many maladies of the society and suggested the means for curing them.

Society is a complex structure and to study this sociology is very important. Sociology teaches how to progress in life through mutual cooperation. Sociology with its widespread subject matter keeps enough ways to set everything in the right direction. Family is the leading organisation of the humanity and the first school and first world for the child.

Family is also a part of the society and it also has its own problems. Various elements revolving around the family presents a great problem for sociologists and others too such as the mode age system of marriage, what should be the relationship between boy and girl at different levels, how should be the relationship between husband and wife etc.

Final Thoughts on What is Sociology and Why is it Important?

These problems can be viewed through the opinions of social reformers or sociologists. There is the intellectual value of sociology. Sociology guides an individual on how to stroll along with the society. Sociology is popular as a teaching subject and teaches students about social stereotypes and social norms.

It helps one to understand causes of things and has practical value to the individual as it assists an individual to understand herself/himself, their roles in the society, their potentialities etc. It develops deep into the social nature of men and women and teaches us how the society impact us individually. It helps to adjust in the environment and also in adjustment. Sociology has a strong appeal to all types of mind through its direct bearing upon many of the initial problems of the present world.

In conclusion, Sociology is very important to study. It can change perspective of an individual in a very positive way and can also teach an individual how to tackle the society stereotypes. The best part of it is, it plays an important role in our day to day life and makes us good observer as well as good citizen.