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The Importance of Sociology in Venezuela and Beyond

Editorial Note:

This article on the importance of sociology in Venezuela is being published on behalf of Applied Worldwide’s 2021 student essay competition. Students were prompted to respond to the question, “Why is sociology important?” We have awarded 17 finalists from all over the world, and we published these articles over the course of several weeks.

This essay was written by Daniel Mesones, a student at Central University of Venezuela. This essay received a third place award. We had a really great turnout and would like to thank everyone who submitted an essay. We received a wide variety of creative interpretations and responses, so browse our essay directory!

Daniel Mesones on the Importance of Sociology in Venezuela

Approximately since I was sixteen years old, I have been able to acquire awareness and understanding of a fundamental premise within the social sciences: the man grows and is fed by its environment.

During my journey through college, this has been something that has made me reflect from different points of view. Sometimes I wonder how decisive it would be for our societies to grow with greater awareness of what the social sciences represent for our lives. I believe that the centralization of them around positivist sciences clouds the spectrum of social and personal development. The social sciences are an immense sea that is still largely unknown.

I believe that from these reflections it has been possible for me to understand Sociology. At the beginning of its study I understood it as the science that allows us to study and understand our societies, today I believe that it is the one that allows us to know ourselves, to develop and to be that great agent producer of answers about our complexities.

Importance of Sociology: Sociological Theories

Among his great theoretical work, the sociologist Robert Merton explained how the role of sociology should be oriented not to develop great theories that allow the understanding of the world, but on the contrary, it should be the one that allows the development of theories of intermediate scope that are decisive in understanding our social complexities. Based on this intellectual development, sociology has allowed me to improve my social relations, to understand in depth the dynamics that surround me and to be able to have a greater positive impact from my spaces of development.

Importance of Sociology: The Natural World

I also believe that sociology has great importance outside its fields of study, even from the field of actions of the natural sciences. This involves understanding the development of all sciences for humanity. Intellectual knowledge is a great source of thought, criticism and analysis. Sociology being for me the most integral science of all the social sciences, it represents a unifying element of the intellectual world, which nourishes the academic world.

This is how sociology can contribute to the development of infinite areas of knowledge. From social communication, to understand the influence of the mass media on humanity and on individuals in particular, as well as to provide a broader and deeper field of analysis to improve social relations; from nutrition, to study the human being, not as a biological individual, but as a subject whose personal complexities whose influence is decisive for the interest of this area.

Why Sociology is Important in Law

From law, to understand how laws and legal norms are social constructions of humanity that allow, among other things, a development and social order with levels of stability and also provide a wide range of options for the resolution of crisis processes and social conflict; from statistics, to understand the numerical spectrum as an infinite source of support that allows us to strengthen those areas where the social sciences have limitations for various reasons.

About My Reality of sociology in Venezuela

I believe that this is precisely the importance of sociology: it is the most comprehensive science of all the social sciences, it provides a broad content that nourishes all the other professions existing in humanity, it allows human beings to understand themselves as social subjects and to understand what surrounds them, and above all, it allows our modern societies to have a great tool for integral development.

During my study of sociology, I have come to understand that it is a possible, necessary science, capable of being studied by all human civilization in specific measures. It is not an exclusive science for those interested in the world of the social, as this would only greatly reduce its field of action and incidence.

In other hand, I believe that understanding the importance of sociology and its impact on society means not ignoring it weaknesses. It is a profoundly heterogeneous science on many occasions. My analysis refers to my social reality, understanding that, according to the social dynamics in humanity, sociology is structured differently.

Importance of Sociology in Venezuela

My reality and my social environment speak of a sociology deeply reduced to momentary social situations. This is not to reduce or exclude the important and transversal political dynamics of my country, Venezuela. However, I believe that, with the advancement and development of the world, and the inclusion of new technological tools, Venezuelan sociology must fix its gaze on the new structures that are characterizing marketing, humor as a way of relating in social networks and the great power that is emerging exponentially from digital media.

These major variables should be included among the theories of intermediate scope that are of interest to Venezuelan sociology, without excluding the study of political dynamics already widely studied. Inly in this way will sociology in my country be able to strengthen itself and acquire a greater importance than it has historically obtained.

This is my reality. This is sociology for me. This is my experience. This is the great value and importance of sociology.

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