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What is Sociology to the World?

What is Sociology to the World and Why is it Important?

Right from the primitive society prior to modern society and throughout all history sociology might have not have a name but several historians and jurists did try to explain society in their own unique ways.  Auguste Comte’s move to create a field of study that could indeed help explain, improvise and solve the problems that seems unending. Ever since then the thought, theories and ideas of sociologists have continued to shape and improve humanity. So what is sociology and why is it important around the world?

The importance of sociology can never be understood and appreciated unless one becomes a sociologist. The value and worth of sociology is overwhelming in the realm of knowledge, how would you rather see the world without the inputs of sociological thought? Would the chaos of the society ever find solutions without sociology? What would have happened if Auguste Comte didn’t make the bold move? 

Sociology has indeed saved humanity of the solitary conception of human social existence. But before we move to answer these fundamental questions, there’s a reasonable need to delineate and dissect what sociology means to the world, sociologists and myself as a writer and the positive influence and impact since its inception.

What is sociology to the world?

Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior, relationships, and institutions. It seeks to understand the ways in which people interact with each other and the social structures and systems that shape their lives. Sociology to sociologists, it is an academic field which equipped them with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to find solutions to the confronting human social dilemma.

Sociology to me, is simply and squarely the answer to all social problems, in as much as there are human interactions  there would be conflict of interest and disagreement which therefore demands sociological analysis and solutions.

What is Sociology? Interactions and Relationships

Sociology is concerned with how individual behavior affects their social existence and the consistent changes that occur within the society. Sociology gives answers to a number of questions concerning human relationships and institutions, for instance social values, people are mostly aware of their social values because of sociology, it provide us with necessary equipment which is used to evaluate,explain and predict the usefulness of value system.

Social structures is another reason why sociology is important to everyone and not just myself as a student. No society can exist without the interrelated social institutions which give it meaning. It’s through the study of sociology that one would be equipped with the lens in giving a proper view of the social system. The world is filled with problems or social maladies and it’s only sociology that could proffer solutions to them.

What is Sociology? Social Problems around the World

W.E.B. DuBois Quote what is sociology

Take a look at the dynamic nature of poverty, the delicate issues of suicide. If not for the sociological theoretical thought of Emile Durkheim how could  there be answers to it? Sociologists have also given a number of theories and explanations to the effects and solutions of overpopulation in society. What about racial inequality and the recommendations of W.E.B DuBois.

A critical look at the family as the nucleus of all other social institution of the society. A family is a group of two people or more (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all such people (including related subfamily members) are considered as members of one family (U.S. Census Bureau). Sociologists understands the positions of the family and how all other institutions dependent on it. Scholars like Peter Murdock and Talcott Parsons have greatly contributed to the family through their explanations and research studies.

What is Sociology? Institutions

Religion as an institution of the society, there exists no human society without a belief system. It might vary from society to society but that system of belief in a power outside human being which answers questions like, “why do we exist?” and why do people die?” have always been central to every human society. As we all know religion also plays one of the vital role in society and in national development.

For example, religion plays the fundamental role of helping humans to survive, cope with the unanswered questions about existence and serves as an agent of conformity. This is true in the sense that religious doctrine and teachings across every religion world over has advocated, preached about conformity and has always been in line or in form of human laws and judicial precedents which has shaped human behavior all around the world. 

sociology quotes - emile durkheim

We might not practice the same religion but every religion has entrenched doctrine of morality, respect, tolerance, peace, justice, equality and freedom which has been the core principle of humanity. Succinctly, religion has always played a significant role in regards to national development because no human society can exist without these attributes mentioned above. This is attributed to the study of religion by Emile Durkheim in his book the Elementary Forms of Religion

A relatively understanding of religion, the ample dissection of the role of religion in the development of modern civilization in the work of Karl Marx and Max Weber have come a long way to expose to us that Sociology is indeed the Queen of all sciences as proclaimed by Auguste Comte. We also can’t also forget the ‘Iron Cage’ in  the work and contributions of Weber and how he explains the effects the rapid technological advancement and development.

My Appreciation for Studying Sociology

To me as a student, to fully appreciate the importance of studying sociology it’s pertinent to point out the various aspects and perspectives in which the world and its people depend on sociology. The benefits of sociology to this part of the world cannot be over emphasized. The continent of Africa has indeed been positively affected by sociological thoughts in so many ways. The awakening of human rights in and around Africa can be attributed to sociology.

My part of the continent, Nigeria to be precise, is reckoned with poverty, ethnic and religious rivalries, other issues such as family issues as divorce, marital roles amongst other. The study of sociology has largely influenced my thinking about finding lasting solutions to these problems.

As a student of sociology I have come to understand so many theories, explanations and concepts that have help shaped my views about the world most especially the political matters of my country. I’ve been able to dissect a number of issues relating to electoral malpractice and corruption, I’ve been able to establish the link between the family as an institution and how the family can bring sanity in politics through the efforts of socialization process. To say therefore that sociology has not helped move the world forward is a totally absurd.

Final Reflections on Why Sociology is Important around the World

We can’t dispute the fact that Industrial and French Revolution came with quite a number of social problems which sociology has found solutions to.

Sociological theories and research have greatly improved my community in so many ways. Issues like family disorganization, spousal conflict and cultural differences all these and many more related issues occupied the minds and thoughts of many sociologists in my part of the world.

If we should discuss on a professional sector where sociology would bring a tremendous value and difference, for me personally I don’t think there is any sector in which sociological analysis and knowledge is not needed, as far as humans are involved and they make contact and interactions sociology is always needed. Sociology will continue to evolve, modernize and improve in finding solutions to problems. Social change is a constant element of our existence and sociology is ever ready to bring to the forefront the needed knowledge and skills to put all aspects in check for human survival.

In conclusion, it is essential to make it clear that sociology is one of the most important disciplines in the fields of study, this is because from the above points sociology stand outs and has proven to be ever relevant to human survival and development. Every society around the world has indeed had a fair share of sociological thought which has further improved the lives of many in that regards.

Muhammad Yasin Yahaya

Muhammad Yasin Yahaya is a sociology student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.