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Applied Worldwide co-founder and applied sociologist Dr. Stephanie Wilson.

Stephanie Wilson, PhD

Dr. Wilson is our lead researcher and a sociologist with specialized knowledge in healthcare organizations and systems who has nearly a decade of experience conducing social research. Her research training began during her Master’s degree work at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where she regularly worked with community organizations on contracted research projects through UNC’s Social Research Lab. It was in this setting that Dr. Wilson realized the invaluable insight organizations could gain through sociological data collection and analysis. Upon continuing her research training through the PhD program at Purdue University, she honed countless methodological skills in her toolkit including survey design, data visualization, advanced statistical methods, and a multitude of qualitative data collection techniques such as interviewing and archival analysis.

As a sociologist, Dr. Wilson offers a unique perspective by drawing on social theory to make sense of data collected. Social theory is imperative to solving problems and making successful changes for organizations because, like society, they are made up of individuals and groups of people. 

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