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State of Applied Worldwide 2023: A Letter from the Founders

We usually send out an end-of-year update to all of our email subscribers to let everyone know how the year went and our plans for the next year. Subscribe to our email list now to stay in the know as the year continues. Since it is already into March, we are posting our update and future goals publicly on our website for everyone to see. So, without further ado, here is our State of Applied Worldwide Address for 2023.

Traffic to Applied Worldwide’s websites has grown exponentially. From last year to this year our website page views grew 68% to a total of nearly 130,000. We are really proud to have this many visitors to our sites, but we have a plan to continue our growth and are aiming for around 250-300,000 page views in 2023.

Applied Worldwide’s Goal for 2023

Our goal for 2023 is to connect. We want to connect with people and we want to make sure to connect all of the different elements of our brand. For instance, we currently run three websites,

  1. Applied Worldwide with applied sociology content,
  2. Applied Worldwide Nigeria, a Lifestyle blog in Nigeria, and
  3. Applied Worldwide Lifestyle, our lifestyle, sustainability, and travel blog.

We are currently working on growing Applied Worldwide Lifestyle and here is the background story on how our lifestyle blog came into existence.

Background on Applied Worldwide Lifestyle

In 2019 when we were originally putting our plans into action starting Applied Worldwide, we never really envisioned having a travel website in addition to the sociological analyses on our main website. What happened is that the lifestyle choices we made in order to start Applied Worldwide, were also interesting to a different audience.

For example, in order to fund the start-up costs of our business, we made a choice to move into a camper van and save money on rent and utilities. In making that choice, we found people were interested in how we built our van or the places we visited. Once again, we never intended to be “vanlifers.” We were just making a logical decision because we felt passionately about applied sociology and believed the short term sacrifices would pay off. We now have a larger story to tell about our experiences in a van, but that was never the long term goal.

As another example, we bought a small piece of land near the mountains in Northwestern Arizona. We never intended on being homesteaders or sustainable living advocates. At first it was simply an investment and a place to park our van when we needed some stable footing. Since then, we have begun to use natural building techniques to improve the land and have plans to build a sustainable homestead complete with a tiny house built by our own two hands. How we live our lives and the way we view the social world around us (sociologically) has allowed us to turn each of these choices into something meaningful and we are exciting to have an audience to share it with!

Dividing Applied Worldwide Lifestyle and Applied Worldwide Sociology

All that said, we understand that some of the content we have produced at Applied Worldwide and our subdomains has not always been explicitly sociological. And, we want the professionals and students who follow us for our sociology content to get the best and most relevant content.

In short, serving our sociology audience what they want is why we started our lifestyle blog and why we are now starting a separate email list for those interested in our lifestyle content. We will only be sharing top notch sociology content at Applied Worldwide and our Applied Worldwide email list. This main email list, which has been in existence for over a year now, will feature ideal content for instructors, professionals and sociology students.

Our new Applied Worldwide Lifestyle email list will be our way of providing updates on our regular life. This lifestyle content will cover van dwelling, sustainable living, travel tips, restaurant reviews, photography, and much more.

Final Considerations on 2023 and Applied Worldwide Lifestyle

In a way, making a clear distinction between our lifestyle content and the sociology content at Applied Worldwide, contributes to our goal for the year with connection by division.

Our goal for 2022 was to make Applied Worldwide a sustainable enterprise. While we were able to break even on our past investment into the business, we have yet to pay ourselves. We currently have one employee, Lateefah Rufai who is the Editor in Chief and Website Manager for Applied Worldwide Nigeria.

The audience we are able to attract with Applied Worldwide Lifestyle is broader and advertisers are willing to pay more money for traffic to our lifestyle and travel content. What this means is that our lifestyle blog will undeniably help us drive more advertising revenue to pay ourselves and support our growing demand for a staff.

In short, if you are interested in travel, food, and photography head over and subscribe to our Applied Worldwide Lifestyle email list. If you just want the sociology content then you are already in the right place and you should sign up for our Sociology Email List.

Regardless of why you’re here, we thank you for engaging with our content! We are constantly working to make new connections while fostering the ones we already have. If you are interested in being a part of Applied Worldwide in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!