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SociologyXR | Sociology Network — Maiden Edition

“The business of the 21st century has gone beyond mere buying and selling of goods and services, but the merchandising of perception, relations and impression management through effective communications.”

Marvis Dyke Royce

Applied Partners: On this series, we travel into the minds of brains behind sociology oriented platforms. We explore their objectives through magnified lenses at once contributing to the entire scope of Applied Worldwide. As we explore several other ideas to communicate the importance of sociology.

Who is here: Here on this series, we host Marvis Dike Royce the founder of SociologyXR | Sociology Network. As he shares with us what central views motivated his founding SociologyXR.

Sociology Network was founded on 4th of August 2020, solely to reorient and motivate sociological practices from planning to implementation and impact or outcome monitoring back here in Africa, while focusing on Nigeria as the central point. Over a long time period, sociological practices, as we believe, seem to be a thing of the European and Asian continents with a moderately interesting level of devoted attention by these focal continents.

Wherefore,Africa as a developing society whose thirst for sociological doings is yet satisfied. As a result, a collective of sociology obsessed fellows based in Lagos, Nigeria had however chosen to erect this structure and fight the bricks.

Because we are keen and bent on seeing this through, in the earlier months subsequent to the establishment ofSociology Network, the management arm of SN had driven the organisational bounds wide and far across elevenprominent tertiary institutions within Nigeria with core presence in seven other countries across the globe. Herementioned; Brazil, Japan, India, Ireland, USA, Pakistan and Sweden. 

We are fixated on fostering sociological knowledge and its application through practicing, partnering, promoting anddeveloping products to directly match the needs of our ever yet fully cultivated publics.

Although the sail seems smooth and paced, it is often not a joy ride taking initiative and brainstorming new ideas. Theteam underlying Sociology Network has had to pull several strings to include setting up a community mappingoutreach intentionally to crusade more listeners and audiences to what SN stands for.

We have had to also put in place several dedicated navigations to what we do. The idea is such that members of thenetwork, while attempting to uphold their primary interest in sociological practices, grow at it and connect to varyingideas from a diverse pool of existent industry players, hence we broadcast across electronic media a special type ofevent aiming at boosting self-orientation of sociology students and practitioners alike.

We have recently had to stage the 4th Sociocast which aired on 27th of March since inception. The last cast featuredMarvis Dike Royce of sociologyXR who hosted co-founders of Applied Worldwide to an Instagram Live. We discussed for an hour “Starting A Career In Sociology” with listeners from both the Nigerian sociology community and folks from other parts of the world.

Besides Sociocast, there are several other events lined but undergoing special scrutiny for provost implementation.

Later in this series, we will share our ideas on:

  • Differences between SociologyXR and Sociology Network
  • Sociology Network Structure
  • Monetising SociologyXR
  • The current state of African societies in the current scope of things
  • Sociological things and Implementation

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