Learn about Applied Worldwide’s fundraising partnership with non-profit Educational Foundation Trust

Educational Foundation Trust

Applied Worldwide is proud to partner with the non-profit organization Educational Foundation Trust.  Educational Foundation Trust works to give young people of Zimbabwe the opportunity to contribute in their communities. Applied Worldwide is partnering with Educational Foundation Trust to help fund the 3rd edition of The Eminent in Sports, Music and Academic (TESMA) Awards—an event held to award exceptional community leaders.

A Letter from Educational Foundation Trust

Education Foundation Trust TESMA Awards

Breakdown of Funds Needed

Educational Foundation Trust’s mission and orientation toward community building make them a great partner for Applied Worldwide. These folks have kindly provided an itemized list for the supplies and services needed to host their annual awards dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of youth to their communities in Zimbabwe

While the TESMA Awards for 2021 have commenced, you can still help Educational Foundation Trust raise money to purchase a vehicle to make their charity donations! Learn more by clicking below!