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Writer’s Update – SEO Writing

At Applied Worldwide, we have made the distinction between ‘Full articles’ and ‘Blog articles.’ Our full articles are 800-1200 words and are written for search engine consumption. Our blog articles are around 500 words and are written more for social media consumption.

The best SEO articles fill a need on the internet. We might think about this like the literature review for a research project. Similarly to how a researcher finds a gap in the literature, SEO writers should seek to fill information-gaps on the internet. Here are some popular search terms that are need of well-researched SEO articles:

“Scope of Sociology in Pakistan” – Nearly 1000 people have searched the internet to learn about the ‘scope of sociology in Pakistan,’ over the past three months. This clearly indicates people are interested in sociology and its impact in Pakistan. We would like to publish an article by a Pakistani writer who can help inform readers with a general overview of sociology in the country.

“Where can a sociologist work in Nigeria” – This is another common search term that we would be interested in covering with an SEO article. We would like this to a writer from Nigeria with knowledge on the types of jobs and employers who hire people with degrees in sociology in Nigeria.

“Examples of the Sociological Imagination” – This is another example of a search term that gets a lot of hits. We would like to publish an article that provides specific examples of the sociological imagination in everyday life. We would prefer this article include 2-3 well defined examples that are suitable for readers just learning the basics of sociology.

With a goal to expand a vision of applied sociology online, we are always looking into what folks are searching related to sociology so we can make the most of our efforts. If you are interested in SEO writing for Applied Worldwide, feel free to reach out to us by email at