Applied Worldwide is offering our All-Inclusive Advertising Package for just $120 USD per month!!

All-Inclusive Advertising Package

Applied Worldwide’s All-Inclusive Advertising Package will put your company or brand in front of the thousands of dedicated users on our internet and social media platforms. This flat rate package includes social media mentions, website banner ad placement, and mention in our monthly newsletter. See details for more information! 

We specialize in publishing internet and social media content designed to demonstrate the practicality and value of sociological skills and services.  By partnering with organizations and individuals across the globe, we are able to produce local content for a global audience!

Social Media Mentions

Our All-Inclusive Advertising Package includes monthly sponsored posts to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.  We will strategize a release for each sponsored social media post that aligns with your goals to generate leads. We draw from our extensive network of partners to distribute your sponsored posts to interested parties. As an example you can review this sponsored Facebook post for a Colorado-based clothing company, Kompass Apparel. 

With Applied Worldwide’s All-Inclusive Advertising Package you will receive banner ad placements across our website. Using AI technology, we will efficiently place your ad in front of interested users. Our website is compatible with a variety of ad specs including:

  • 300×600 half page
  • 720×90 leaderboard
  • 970×90 large leaderboard
  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 336×280 large rectangle
  • 250×250 square

Preview our sample 300×600 half page ad for Sociologists for Women in Society, a non-profit professional organization.

Email List

We use our email list as a means of communicating recent and future projects with our audience most engaged audience. In our All-Inclusive Advertising Package, we will share your brand with our email list subscribers. You can find an example of a sponsored email below.

Using our email list, you have the opportunity to provide an engaged audience with additional context about your organization. What are your goals? What are you exactly offering? 

This is a chance to really sell your brand, product, or service!

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Contact us Today for our All-Inclusive Advertising!

With Applied Worldwide’s All-Inclusive Advertising Package you will receive our most time and cost effective solution to your general advertising needs! We are happy to work with brands and organizations to design and distribute an effective ad campaign to our thousands of website users and social media followers.  Contact us today at to get started!

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